Paul Piel Dow – Inventor

Paul Piel Dow was born and educated in Gibson, New Brunswick. He became a highly skilled telegrapher though he had no formal training in the electrical or radio field.

In 1928-29, while working with the late James A Richardson of Winnipeg, he pioneered the use of short-wave radio for intercity communication to provide up-to-date grain and stock market reports. At the same time Dow pioneered and organized the first cross-Canada commercial radio communications network, first integratingthe broadcasting facilities of short-wave radio stations CJRW of Fleming, Saskatchewan, with CJRX of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He further established a powerful commercial radio station in south Winnipeg where, by connected telephone land lines, American programs were relayed to CJRX for world-wide redistribution.

Dow also pioneered the installation of his radios in the aircraft of Wings Ltd., a commercial airline in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.

During the early 1940’s Dow manufactured telegraph speed keys in his Winnipeg home and by 1945 had invented and patented the “Dow Universal” (rotary model) key and co-axial relay. This relay came to be used in radio and electronic equipment and was distributed worldwide.

Paul Dow died in Winnipeg on July 14, 1957, at the age 72 years.

A bronze plaque in his memory was erected by the Lac du Bonnet Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee in 2010 at Leslie Park in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.