Note: The LeCoy House is privately owned and the property is not accessible to the public.

Family History:
Father: Isadore Lecaille Sr. and wife Charlotte Parreau.( Father of Isadore Lecaille JR.)
Born: Likely immigrated with his family from Brittney region of France to Montreal, Canada. Moved to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, USA, where he worked for the Minnesota Fur Co. Occupation: Voyager.

Isadore Lecaille Jr. (LeCoy)
Born: 17 September, 1851. Place: Sault Ste. Marie, USA
Baptized: 28 September, 1851, St, Mary’s Catholic Church, Sault Ste. Marie. Michigan, USA.
Moved to Ft. Alexander Fur Trade Post, Manitoba located at the mouth of the Winnipeg River where he lived for many years before marrying Isabel Sipi (Ojibway).

Isadore Lecoy moved to the Lac du Bonnet area around the turn of the century. He was involved with clearing bush for the brickworks and sawmill.

The Lecoy HouseIn July 1907, he built a house in the present Riverland North area on NW 26-15-11E. He made an application for a homestead on November 27, 1907. He had constructed a house, stable, grainery and fence by that time. He was also farming full time.

Lecoy continued to clear a few acres each year. In 1920 on his application for a patent for homestead, Lecoy who was then 76 years old, said “Am old man and had no means to work on.”

The homestead inspector stated, “This is bushland, hard to clear and break. One acre of breaking is equivalent to five acres prairie land. He should be favoured with his patent.”

He received title under the Real Property Act in 1924.

In 1929, the property was sold to Dr. Henry Bruce Chown. At that time, the house was on bare prairie in order to minimize the danger of fire.

Under the Chown’s, the house consisted of a master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The beams in the ceiling were hand-cut with an adze and are still intact. The ceiling shows three different chimney holes. Mrs. Chown said that as the Lecoy sons married, they brought in their own stoves.